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FREE children - under 18 years

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule provides dental treatment for children up to 18 years.

Eligibility Requirements: All of New Zealand high school students from aged 13-18 are eligible for the Intermediate FREE Dental treatment. Preschool + Primary school children with dental problems are still able to be seen by our dentists either by referral from the dental therapist or if the dental therapist is away eg. during school holidays.

At  Kevin Wong Dental, the Dental Benefit scheme provides a range of services including but not limited to check-ups, cleans, fillings and emergency treatments. The Dentists at Wong Dental encourage parents to bring in their children from a young age even if they have no problems in order to allow children to familiarise themselves with the dental setting and develop good dental habits – we find this leads to much better future oral health outcomes and reduces fears and anxieties.

If you are not sure if your child or teenager is eligible please call our reception team on (06) 378 2777.

Warning: It may be difficult to get the child to leave since a visit to the Wong Dental is such a FUN experience.

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